22 January: South Africa

We left Grand Isle S.P. for Pointe aux Chenes Wildlife Management Area.

According to the app Free RV Campgrounds and Parking this was the nearest free campground and it the name sounded interesting. The route over there was nice, along the Bayou Terrebon. By the way Bayou means river or creek.
The Pointe aux Chenes is a wide and untouched marshland. At the end of the Bayou we found one of the last settlement of Native Americans (Indians).
The original inhabitants of these parts. They lived and still do from fishing and hunting. Although the fishing is done on the common commercial way. We think that now tourism is not  a small source of income. In the little settlement we found three RV Parks and a lot of signs advertising fishing boat trips.

The free RV parking at the Point aux Chenes. Was not, only for tents.
We stayed the night at the parking lot of ….yes again a Walmart. This time in Houma.

But wait we have a little anecdote to tell. While staying in the Grand Isle S.P. we saw a family walking by. According to their looks they had to be Dutch. A bit later we heard them talk English not Dutch. So we concluded not from the Netherlands.
Later on we talked to them. They were from South Africa, but the parents of both of them were Dutch.
They had toured the US and Canada in ten months’ time in an RV. Mid next month they would fly back to South Africa.