19 January: Galliano

We had a quiet night at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, but it is not commendable. The price price-performance ratio is just not right.
At the Walmart at Gonzales finally we could buy an electrical heater. Admittedly the smallest one they had but better that then nothing.

We left Gonzales to the south following the LA 1, next to the Bayou Lafourche.

A little river flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Heading for the Grand Isle State Park. The LA 1 stays to the west side of the river through sugar cane country at the other side of the road. Fields with sugar cane as far the eye reaches.




At the end of the day we realized we would not make the Grand Isle State Park in time. So after consulting Free RV Campgrounds and Parking we decided to stay at the Walmart in Galliano.
Here they still had some bigger heating. We changed our little heating, bought that morning, for a size bigger.