15 January: New Orleans

We visited down town New Orleans today. First with our RV from the Bayou Segnette State Park to the Algiers ferry. 

At first you drive through a neighborhood you don’t want to stop, for no reason what so ever. You start wondering if the GPS is not playing a trick on you and then you turn round a corner and you enter Algiers. An old very well maintained neighborhood. At the opposite side of the Mississippi seen from the French Quarter. Algiers is next to the French Quarter one of the oldest, still existing, parts of New Orleans. Definitely worth a visit.

Arriving at the ferry we parked the RV, paying $ 10. The ferry itself costs $ 2 per person and leaves every 15 minutes. The quay and the other side is situated at the end of Canal Street, three blocks away from the entrance of Bourbon Street. We didn’t walk up Canal Street but walked on the relatively new walkway along the Mississippi. We entered French Quarter at the Plaza des Armas.
In French Quarter all the houses and businesses are very well maintained, but everything which is public domain could use a make-over/up-grade. We expected better for the touristic attraction number one.
We were told that you would hear live jazz/music everywhere in Bourbon Street from midday to the middle of the night. So not today, most bars were closed during the day and the one’s open had no live music.
The only place with live jazz was the Musical Legend Park. Coffee with beignettes, awesome.
For breakfast or lunch we recommend a very little diner in Bourbon Street, called 24 Hours Eggs. It is a long time ago we eat that a good omelet and hash browns.In Canal Street we found a universal card reader. We just tried it with the XD-card of my camera. It works! So we hope in the future to put some more pics with our posts.