13 January: Buccaneer

Leaving the parking lot early and taking breakfast with a view, at the Gulf. It was a pity but it was too windy and cold to take a walk.

We crossed the state line into Mississippi.
We wanted to stay the night at the Shepard S.P.  near Pascagoula. Unfortunately the park was full. A few miles up the road there is the Davis Bayou N.P. This was also full.

The next park was the Buccaneer S.P., about 50 miles west on the S.R. 90.
We called ahead if there was any spaces left. They had plenty. We were running late, we had to be at the S.P. before sundown at 5.00 PM. This was a race against the clock, but we reached the Park just in time. As this picture at the entrance proves.


Finally we could prepare the shrimps and gumbo outside in the dark, but I must say Tony was right. It was finger licking good tasting.