12 January: Fairhope

We left this morning for the Perdido Bay Seafood market and bought some shrimps and gumbo. A sort of fish chowder. You can eat cold with bread, warm as soup or warm on top of rice.

A little bid later we crossed the state line into Alabama.
Following the Gulf Shores and later the Alabama’s Coastal Connection, a scenic route, we wanted to take the ferry from Fort Morgan to Dauphin Island. Unfortunately that was not possible, because of the low tide the ramp was too steep for our RV, or our RV was too long. We had to drive back and now take the long route over Mobile.
If you ever come this way make sure you drive the Alt S.R. 98. It is nice a nice drive at the shore of the Gulf. 

As a result of not been able to use the ferry we were running late. Staying the night at the Walmart in Fairhope. Eating a self-made sandwich and no shrimps and gumbo.