09 January: No big lagoon

Last night was quiet and we all had a good night sleep.
Yesterday on our way to Crestview we passed the US Air Force armament museum.
Today we went for a visit. Outside they have some planes standing used in WW II and later until the 1990’s. It was amazing to see how small the planes out of the WW II era are in comparison to the models of the later years.

After a stop at a coin laundry we traveled on to our planed destination of the day the Big Lagoon State Park.
We drove over the Gulf Islands National Seashore. A road over islands which at the widest part are maybe 0.5 mile wide and at the smallest maybe 100 feet. The road is going through the dunes and for a part practically on the beach.
While driving on that road I had two thoughts. One: really beautiful, no houses, only nature. Two maybe there should not be a road here and nature left alone.
After a few miles beauty and nature there they were again, the apartmentbuildings.

Doing this we were late, 5 minutes, and the State park was already closed. The parks close at sundown, which is here at 5 pm. 




A few miles back we had seen a Walmart center. So again a night at a parking lot.

Yesterday we past Eglin Air Force Base. Today Bulter Air Force base and Pensacola. All names and places I only know out of books or films. I never thought I would be able to visit them. Now I am, that feels a little bit unreal.