07 January: Crayton beach

Yesterday evening the propane gas was going to an end. I gathered it would be enough for the night. This morning the tank was almost empty. We were urgently in need of some gas. We drove for almost two hours through Marianna in search for a place where we could fill our gas tank. Either they were closed on Sunday or the last one we found was out of it. Here they told us there was no place open on Sunday to fill our tank. We left with direction the Gulf coast. On the road we found several places to fill our tank, but all were closed on Sunday. The idea of going through a very cold night was more and more disturbing us.
At last we found an open ACE hardware store in DeFuniak Springs, where we could fill up our propane tank.

At that time it was already running late. We had two possibilities. To stay the night at the parking lot of a Walmart supercenter or the nearest state park. Staying at a parking lot is a bit of a hassle The nights are cold so we have to let run the heating all night, which is not possible on the battery. We have to let run the generator from time to time too. We decided for the more comfortable hooking up at the electricity in a state park. The nearest was the Crayton Beach State Park.