30 -31 December: St. Joseph

We left St. George S.P. for St. Joseph Peninsula S.P. A distance of about 35 miles along the forgotten coast, as this part of the coast is called. It was a nice quiet drive. We only can recommend a visit of these parts. It is worth it.

The next day we went for a visit of Port St. Joe. A nice little port town with a typical main street. Unfortunately all the shops were closed. We had totally forgotten that it was Sunday. We lose more and more track of time, especially which day of the week it is. By the way we found a Verizon store but also closed.

Back at the park we planned on cleaning and doing laundry. We just had taken the necessary things to clean out of the storage under our bed when it started to rain. It rained until somewhere in the middle of the night. Laundry we did until at about nine o clock the electricity went. Apparently the whole peninsula was blacked out. It left us with a wash machine load of wet laundry and a half dry load in the dryer.

For the night we had planned a big campfire with a nice bottle of wine to wait for the new year to arrive. As I said it was raining so no sitting around a campfire outsight, but next to the heating inside. We went to bed early and slept right through until the next day.