29 December: St. George

Our youngest one woke us early. It was hardly light out sight, but time to start the heating anyway. After a slow breakfast we hit the road. Our next stop St. George Island. After an hour or so on the road the sun came through. The state road follows the shore of the Gulf and we had some very nice views, with not much houses blocking the view. St. George Island is connected with the mainland by a relatively long bridge. St. George itself was a bit of a disappointment. Houses everywhere you look, in the dunes, at the beach, some even on the beach. Only in the State park you could see some of the original island.

In the afternoon I wanted to download my pictures from my camera, organize them and later upload them to my Dropbox. The connection of my camera is slightly smaller than a mini USB. With the camera came a special cable. You guess what, I probably left that one in Aruba. My computer has no slot for the memory card of the camera. So for the time being no pictures with the posts, until we bought either a fitting cable or an external card reader.

By the way no state park has any Wi-Fi therefore we took a T-mobile phone contract including internet. To be sure to have internet to post everyday on Truckhuis. The coverage is in this part of the country very poor and having coverage most of the time the internet is way too slow. With the contract came an account on the portal of T-mobile. With that account you should be able to manage your contract including doing payments on-line. I managed to log in but since then the side is not available anymore. So all in all not a good bargain. Luckily we can end the contract within fourteen days after taking it without any costs. Tomorrow we will go look for a T-mobile store to do so. We will have to take another provider. Let’s try Verizon. Maybe they keep what they promise in their promotion.