28 December: The Gulf again

In the morning we took it easy, our next stop would be the Ochlokonee river S.P., about 30 to 40 miles from Newport. We crossed the road from the Newport RV campground to the St. Marks national wildlife refuge. In the refuge is a 9,5 miles long road through a magnificent piece of nature. Well known by birdwatchers because this is one of the places for birds to forage on their migration to the south. At the end of the road is the St. Marks lighthouse situated. There we took a short walk, it was to cold, at the shore of the Gulf. We walked on a sort of dam between the Gulf and a pond. While walking on that dam an otter crossed our path about 40 feet in front of us.

Thinking we had time enough we decided to make a detour to Tallahassee. Later we discovered that this had not been wise. Arriving at the Ochlokonee river S.P. the campground was closed and the park about deserted. Driving on we  ended up at the Ho-hum RV park at Carrabelle, on a beautiful side right at the shore of the Gulf.



With this post there are some pics coming, but this will be in a couple of days.