23 December: Starke

We planned to get up and get on the road early. Getting up is not a problem, thanks to the two little one’s who wake everybody up at the first light. So we were up at 7 am but for some reason or other we left at 11 am. Don’t ask me why, breakfast, showering everything took longer.

Our plan for the day was to reach Ocean pond or Stephen Foster state park. That is about 50 miles or so from St. Augustine. We had no reservation so I wanted to be early there. The plan was also to make a short stop at Sears, Home depot and a supermarket. Sticking to our plan we finished this at about 12.30 pm. The two little one’s were hungry then, so lunch was served, and we were finally on the road to our final destination at 1.30 pm.

This was way to late and I was really annoyed, angry. After about 10 minutes on the road I saw a direction sign to Camping world. One of the big RV accessories retailers. I wanted to visit but I clung to to my original plan and drove by. While doing this I started to realize that we didn’t have to get to our original destination of that day. We could stop were ever we wanted at what ever time. I turned back and we visited Camping world.

That’s why we ended up in Starke at the end of the day. Starke is more or less in the middle of Florida between west and east coast.

Sitting in front of the campfire I realized that freedom also has to be learned. After years and years we are so conditioned to stick to our plan of the day, because the next day our daily live comes with an other plan, responsibilities and obligations. We simply don’t have the time to deviate from our plan. Now we have!